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Yvonne Clarke is a Holistic Therapist based in Limerick. She helps and supports women to live a happy, healthy life using ancient holistic therapies that are proven to balance all body systems on a mental, physical and emotional level. Therapies include Foot & Face Refelxology, Reiki, Gua Sha Facial and Hopi Ear Candling.

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A Gift From Me To Me This Valentine’s

A Gift From Me To Me This Valentine’s

A gift of love from me to me this Valentine’s

Yes, so why do we wait for gifts of love from someone else?  Why don’t we just do it for ourselves?  Every now and again this question pops up for me and it happened again on Monday.

I was doing the BIG clean around the house as you do.  I actually don’t mind cleaning generally but when you take on the whole house in one go it’s hard work.  I start at the top of the house, bathrooms, bedrooms, treatment room which for some reason I enjoy.  Then the dreaded stairs and the task becomes overwhelming thinking of what’s left to do.  Vacuuming the hall, sitting room, kitchen/dining room, then the steam cleaner comes out for the tiled floors.  I was so ‘grumpy’ at the end of it I just thought I’ve had enough.

Before my hip surgery, I had a cleaner.  But I decided in my wisdom that I could now do the cleaning myself and save a few quid.  However, this week I realised that my own wellbeing is worth the ‘few quid’ so I got in touch with my lovely cleaner again and she’s available.  Yippee!!!

Then on Tuesday morning I went for my own Reflexology treatment with a friend.  At the end of the treatment, I was booking in my next session when I realised my preferred time co-incided with when the cleaner is coming.  I burst out laughing, saying, ‘how bad, I’ll be lying down having reflexology while my house is cleaned’.  I couldn’t have planned it better.  I was so happy and pleased with myself.  So I’ve now decided that I’m going to continue this routine going forward.  imagine the joy of having a treatment, then coming home to a clean house.  Oh what joy!!!

So that’s my loving gift from me to me.  What will you do for you this Valentine’s?  No guilt or judgement please, just do what makes you happy.  And let me know how you get on please…

Love & light

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