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Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils in holistic therapies to improve mental, emotional and physical conditions. Essential oils extracted from plants possess therapeutic properties which improve health and prevent disease.  Both their physiological and psychological effects combine well to promote positive health.

The essential oils are applied in a variety of ways such as massage, baths and inhalation.

Therapeutic Massage using essential oils offers relief from many causes and symptoms of most conditions. Aromatherapy massage not only benefits the physiological but also the psychological and the individual systems of the human body, by stimulation and relaxation of the muscles and nerves in a positive way.  A massage is performed by a trained and licensed aromatherapist who lubricates the skin with massage oil and essential oil blend customised for you.  It usually takes about 60 minutes to massage the whole body.  The client removes their clothing for the treatment but their modesty is maintained at all times through professional towel management.  An aromatherapy massage will bring the whole person back into balance.

  • An Aromatherapy Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage takes 30 minutes and costs €50
  • An Aromatherapy Full Body Massage takes 60 minutes and costs €90

Essential oils can be absorbed into the body through the respiratory system by inhalation.  Oils are mixed with water or wax melt and then heated in a burner.  Alternatively, you can put the oils in a bowl of hot water and inhale the aroma.  An essential oil blend will be provided at your treatment for you to use at home.

Essentail oils can also be absorbed into the body through the skin and then into the blood stream by massage or bath.  For a bath, put the essential oils in a drop of milk to ensure the oils are distributed evenly in the hot water.  If you put the oils directly into the bath they will evaporate or drop to the bottom or float to the top, depending on their chemical composition. An essential oil blend in Epsom Salts will be provided for you to use at home.

As an aromatherapist, I only use natural, organic plant based skincare for my face and body.  My favourite is the Neal’s Yard Remedies Frankincense Skincare Range and now you too can purchase these products direct from my personalised page with NYR Organic Ireland

Visit now for monthly special offers and advise on all the products available or contact me direct on or call 0868968409.


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