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Yvonne Clarke is a Holistic Therapist based in Limerick. She helps and supports women to live a happy, healthy life using ancient holistic therapies that are proven to balance all body systems on a mental, physical and emotional level. Therapies include Foot & Face Refelxology, Reiki, Gua Sha Facial and Hopi Ear Candling.

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Reflexology Limerick
29th Jun


What is Reflexology

Foot or Face Reflexology is the holistic treatment of a person by applying pressure to points on the feet or face.  We have over 7,000 nerve endings in our feet alone that correspond with organs and systems of your body.

By activating these points or systems, reflexology helps maintain Homeostasis (balance) of the person which is required to support and maintain wellbeing.  A Homeostasis imbalance can lead to disease or even death.

Today, reflexology has become one the most popular forms of complementary therapies practised in the western world. The benefits of reflexology are recognised by medical practitioners as well as all insurance companies in Ireland.


Benefits of Reflexology

Reflexology provides relief from many causes and symptoms such as:

Respiratory Problems

What to expect from a Reflexology Treatment

A reflexology treatment is performed with you lying down, fully clothed except for the feet and lower legs. Reflexology is deeply relaxing and helps restore and rebalance all your body systems. Each reflexology treatment takes approximately 40 minutes (plus 10 minutes for a consultation at the first session) and costs €60 per session.  Reflexology bundles are also available on request.

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