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Yvonne Clarke is a Holistic Therapist based in Limerick. She helps and supports women to live a happy, healthy life using ancient holistic therapies that are proven to balance all body systems on a mental, physical and emotional level. Therapies include Foot & Face Refelxology, Reiki, Gua Sha Facial and Hopi Ear Candling.

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How I manage my Mental and Emotional wellbeing

How I manage my Mental and Emotional wellbeing

Just Be Holistic Therapies Limerick

Mental & Emotional Health

So October was Mental Health month and we all go through hard times and some of you will know I’ve had my share.  So how do I cope when the going gets though and practice how to #justbe?  Here are my top tips for coping:

1. Who Supports You  In a shocking or crisis moment in my life, I’ve learned that I need ‘my tribe’ for help and support.  I know my strengths but more importantly I know when I’m vulnerable and when I need others. I learned a long time ago how important it is to ask for help. Yes, I am a strong person but even strong people can be vulnerable and need help.  You would help and support others in their time of need, so why not accept it from them too.  Choose 3 people in your life you trust to talk to and the rest will fall into place.  Sometimes this help might also be a professional.  Be it counselling, life coaching or going for treatments, decide what you need and do it.

2. Take time to Heal  It’s ok to feel a bit down occasionally but try to do things you love to help you heal.  I find gratitude in every day from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to bed.  Gradually, the bad feelings subside and the good feelings take over.

3. Always be kind and caring and this starts with you If you’re kind and caring to yourself, you can be kind and caring to others.  Yes, even when I’m raging with anger, I try to find the kind and caring way of communicating how I feel.  That’s not to say I won’t feel anger, but expressing it in a loving way is far more productive.  Treats work too, like getting my hair done, shopping, or even booking a holiday, whatever being kind and caring to you is, do it!

4. Do your best  So I don’t feel like taking on the world everyday, but I do what I can.  Get up, and show up regardless of how hard it is.  Try to keep to your routine as best you can.  Do the little tasks you know will be rewarding and make you feel you have achieved something.  It’s ok to hit the pause button but do not stop.

5. Rest and Exercise.  Again, a hard one when you’re head is turning and you feel exhausted, but getting out for a walk or attending a class will get the endorphins popping and help clear your head. And sleep is the best medicine so again get plenty of rest, even if it means having a ‘duvet day’ in front of the TV.  If you are physically sick you take time, so why not do the same for your mental and emotional health.

I hope my tips help you but if you would like some more help and support with you wellbeing get in touch or book now.

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Cuteness Alert!

Meet Baby Beauden, born 16th October 2019.  Mum Aimee did reflexology to help with SPD and got great relief but continued treatments right up until Beauden’s birth as she found she was more relaxed and slept really well.  Also, research shows that Reflexology benefits shorter labour, faster delivery and less pain relief required and Aimee’s story proves this.  Most women I work with go into natural labour around their due date.  So if you are expecting a new arrival be sure to book from week 30 of your pregnancy.

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