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What’s Been Happening?

If like me the summer isn’t your favourite season then you are probably already feeling glum and complaining about the weather and trying to keep everyone happy.  The kids are in front of mobile devices and possibly telling you they are bored.  The reason for all this is they and you don’t have a routine like we do during the rest of the year.  So below in the ‘Top Tip’ section I have outlined some routines to introduce into the household for the summer months whether you are at home, in a mobile home or on holiday.  The key is to involve everyone in the decision making process.

It is also a great time to review your own personal health and happiness.  Have you kept your promises to yourself or did you fall back into old habits?  That’s ok if you did but now try to review where you’re at and reintroduce new healthy and happy habits.  Please remember to take time for yourself, no matter what your circumstances and try to Just Be! 

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