50 and feeling fabulous

50 and feeling fabulous

50 and Feeling Fabulous

So while I was swimming this morning I was thinking back to this time last year. I knew I was going to be having surgery and that my mother would also have major surgery before she started doing dialysis.  It was somewhat daunting but here we are a year later and all is well.  How blessed we are that everything worked out.

Then I started thinking about how 2019 is going and how I want to continue the year.  Well this month I turn 50 and I have a few treats planned and really excited about the year ahead.  Then I started to check in with my physical body as I moved through the water and thought ‘I feel fabulous’. Then I thought how do I feel mentally and emotionally and again I thought ‘I feel fabulous’  Even now I feel fabulous writing this even though I did lose my swimming hat, goggles and ear plugs in the dressing room, but I’m sure someone just put them in their bag by accident and they’ll be returned. Anyway I’ve decided I want to feel like this all year, so my moto and hastag for this year will be #50andfeelingfabulous

How will I achieve feeling fabulous

Since I started Just Be, everyday I work towards being happy and healthy and generally, well 90% of the time, I am.  I honestly love the life I have created.  That won’t change and like always there will be bumps along the way. But what does happy and healthy feel like?  Well for me, this year anyway, it’s feeling fabulous!

Like you, things don’t always work out.  The car breaks down, the washing machine dies, appointments get cancelled, we loose stuff, the list is endless.  But these things are fixable and temporary so I focus on the bigger things like my family and friends, my home, my work and the things that make me feel fabulous. I practice what I preach by taking care of myself first before others and I know who I can rely on when I need support.  Trust me I don’t do it all myself.  Yes I put the work in but I get twice as much back.

So I challenge you to also feel fabulous every day.  Take a moment each day and think ‘how am I doing?’ and change it if you don’t like how you feel.

Love & light

PS: I’m having a great evening looking through old photos.  Keep an eye on Instagram or Facebook for more #50andfeelingfabulous

A Mother’s Love

A Mother’s Love

A Mother’s Love 

So we’ve all been through the trials and tribulations of the weather the last few days and no doubt all the Mums have been holding it together keeping the kids occupied and ensuring the fridge is well stocked.  Hopefully you also had time to relax with your loved ones watching movies or playing in the snow.

Now it’s time to celebrate our love and appreciation for our mothers on Mothering Sunday 11th March.  Don’t know what gift to get her, then why not treat her to a Just Be gift voucher to show how much you care. Vouchers can be redeemed when booking online or when your Mum visits the Just Be Clinic to enjoy her treatment. BUY NOW


Opening Hours for March

So apart from Mother’s Day next weekend, we have alot to celebrate this month with St. Patrick’s Day on the 17th and Easter towards the end of the month.  So the Just Be Clinic will not open on Saturday, 17th or 31st March.

The good news is I will open on Good Friday, 30th March from 10am to 2pm to help alleviate the demand.

To check availability for March and book online CLICK HERE

Just Be for March!

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