A Gift From Me To Me This Valentine’s

A Gift From Me To Me This Valentine’s

A gift of love from me to me this Valentine’s

Yes, so why do we wait for gifts of love from someone else?  Why don’t we just do it for ourselves?  Every now and again this question pops up for me and it happened again on Monday.

I was doing the BIG clean around the house as you do.  I actually don’t mind cleaning generally but when you take on the whole house in one go it’s hard work.  I start at the top of the house, bathrooms, bedrooms, treatment room which for some reason I enjoy.  Then the dreaded stairs and the task becomes overwhelming thinking of what’s left to do.  Vaccuming the hall, sitting room, kitchen/dining room, then the steam cleaner comes out for the tiled floors.  I was so ‘grumpy’ at the end of it I just thought I’ve had enough.

Before my hip surgery, I had a cleaner.  But I decided in my wisdom that I could now do the cleaning myself and save a few quid.  However, this week I realised that my own wellbeing is worth the ‘few quid’ so I got in touch with my lovely cleaner again and she’s available.  Yippee!!!

Then on Tuesday morning I went for my own Reflexology treatment with a friend.  At the end of the treatment, I was booking in my next session when I realised my preferred time co-incided with when the cleaner is coming.  I burst out laughing, saying, ‘how bad, I’ll be lying down having reflexology while my house is cleaned’.  I couldn’t have planned it better.  I was so happy and pleased with myself.  So I’ve now decided that I’m going to continue this routine going forward.  imagine the joy of having a treatment, then coming home to a clean house.  Oh what joy!!!

So that’s my loving gift from me to me.  What will you do for you this Valentine’s?  No guilt or judgement please, just do what makes you happy.  And let me know how you get on please…

Love & light 

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Autumn – my favourite time of year

Autumn – my favourite time of year

It’s Autumn and my favourite time of year.  I’ve been out picking the last of the flowers and apples from my 2 very small trees but what a crop they have produced this year.  There’s something very grounding about Autumn with the gorgeous warm colours that you all know by now I love and preparing for the winter ahead.  It’s also a good time to check in with yourself and your family to see how everyone is feeling as it can be a tough time for some.  Keep an eye on each other and the vulnerable, but more importantly don’t forget about your own well-being.

So since returning to work in late August my feet have not touched the ground.  Not only has the clinic been busy but my Mum had to have some surgery which has led to her going on dialysis.  A few regular clients commented that it was difficult to get availability.  What great feedback, so I have decided to open on Wednesday afternoons going forward so now there’s more availability if you want to head over to the website and book now for the autumn.

Just Be Mindfulness also returned in September with 2 sessions every Monday at 10am and 7pm.  If you or someone your know is interested in Mindfulness for their well-being, then please get in touch as I still have a couple of places available in each session.

I also returned to Cook Medical for the 3rd year for their Health & Wellness Week doing Reflexology at both their sites here in Limerick. I always enjoy the variety of going to organisations for their Wellness Programmes so if you work for someone who promotes health & wellness at work, then please get in touch or feel free to pass my details to the contact in your organisation.

For Autumn, Just Be!

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

This month’s case study focuses on Irritable Bowel Syndrome or as it is more commonly known as IBS.  IBS is a chronic condition that needs to be managed long term.  Symptoms can be quite debilitating and variable including tummy (abdominal) pain, bloating, gas and sometimes bouts of diarrhoea and/or constipation. Diet and exercise of course play a big part but if you have an energy block in the gut it needs to be released. Reflexology is very effective for most bowel/colon symptoms as it releases energy blocks and activates peristalsis (contractions of the bowel walls) to help move things along effectively. One lady in her 60’s started coming to the Just Be Clinic in November 2015 to do Reflexology for IBS, as recommended by her Cranio Sacral Therapist. She found it difficult to eat certain foods such as fruit and oranges in particular.  After just 2 treatments of reflexology and a blend of aromatherapy oils to use at home, her symptoms improved with all symptoms gone after 4 weeks.  After reviewing her progress, we moved treatments out to 2 weeks and then every 4 weeks after 2 months.  Today she comes once a month without fail for ‘her fix’ as she calls it, to maintain balance and prevent another flare up of IBS. She now eats everthing including oranges.  Even her family have commented on how much more relaxed she is around food and eating. She is also more energetic and able to do more exercise. I have to say I love to see how well this lady is today after suffering for years with IBS.  It’s so rewarding for me to know the therapies I work with are so effective and help people like this woman live a happy, healthy life. If you or someone you know has IBS, get in touch here or book now for an appointment.

Just Be News – October 2017

Just Be News – October 2017

What’s been happening

So we are now back in the thick of it following September.  It’s been a busy month of work and play.  As you can see from the photo, I attended the Butterfuly Ball last Saturday in aid of Mid West Cancer Foundation, where I volunteer 4 hours a month doing holistic therapies for anyone going through cancer treatment at UHL from Limerick, Clare and Tipperary.  It’s an amazing charity who do so much for patients and family members to support them through a very difficult time.  Holistic Therapies such as Reiki and Reflexology help them cope with the awful side effects of treatments.  Cancer Reflexology is one of my specilties, so tell your friends and family members they can book an appointment with me here

I was also with Cook Medical in September for their Employee Health and Wellness week doing Reflexology.  If you work for an organisation who cares about their Employee Health and Wellness, please get in touch. 

For this month

The Just Be Clinic of course is always open so please book now for October.  Check out the package special offers, where you can enjoy 2 treatments of your choice for just €90.

To help you get into a routine of self-care, I am introducing a customer loyalty scheme whereby if you book 6 treatments in 6 months, you get the 6th treatment FREE.  So start today and book now

The Just Be Mindfulness Groups have commenced this week and there is still space available on Thursday evenings at 7pm or Friday mornings at 10am.  If interested, get in touch

I will also be doing a Mindfulness Session at Embody Fitness on Sunday, 15th October at 11.30am.  To book, get in touch with Emma Cross at Embody Fitness.



Just Be for October!

Just Be News – September 2017

Just Be News – September 2017

What’s been happening?

So I hope you are all settling in nicely to autumn.  Personally I love this time of year being back in a routine and wearing warm, cosy jumpers and socks. Nothing like a night in by the fire and a good movie after a autumnal walk.  However, it’s also a time of added stress getting kids to and from school or activties, your own work load and of course the ususal household jobs too.  All can affect our immune systems so please ensure you get back into booking your treatments to help you maintain your own health and happiness in the coming months.

Normal business hours have resumed and you can check availability for all treatments and packages here  And don’t forget you get €10 off all treatments and packages until the end of September.  The feedback on the new online booking system has been fabulous with customers saying they love that they can book anytime of day, see what’s available and it’s easy to use.  But, if it’s not for you, you can still send a text or social media message.

I will also resume my visits to Adare on Saturday, 23rd September so again you can book here.

The Just Be Mindfulness Groups will also resume in early October on Monday 10am, Thursday 7pm and Friday 10am.  I already have a lot of interest so please let me know if you would like to join us as places are limited. Get in touch now

Just Be for September!

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