Summer Fun!

Summer Fun!

1 year on since my hip surgery

This week represents a full year since I had my hip surgery and I’m back doing all the things I love with the people I love and having fun in the sun.  My physical fitness challenge was to be back dancing when I celebrated my 50th earlier in the year but since then I’ve really pushed myself and I’m now back hiking in the countryside and climbing on rocks along the coastline.  Anyone who does the Mindfulness with me knows what these activities mean to me as I use them alot in my visualisations.  To be honest, my physical ability is great but my confidence in moving freely took a bit longer but I’m getting there and I’ll continue to push myself over the summer.
It goes without saying how grateful I am to be back moving freely and again I want to thank all of you for your support and encouragement.  I have amazing people in my life and I feel very fortunate, so thank you!

What’s been happening?

So over the last few weeks it’s been busy here at Just Be with 2 new babies, 1 boy and 1 girl born just last week and 2 long awaited pregancy announcements. You can’t beat news like this but there’s also been some positive feedback from women who have overcome some personal challenges, both physically and pschologically.

People always ask, what’s my faviourite treatment to do and I honestly couldn’t say as it really does depend on the person I’m treating.  The most popular is definitely reflexology closely followed by Reiki then Hopi Ear Candling.  When I go for treatments it depends on what’s going on for me at the time.  At the moment I’ve been having massage as I’ve been holding tension in my shoulders, probably from work.  Mostly I have reflexology as it’s a good all round treatment for health and wellness. I practice Reiki or Mindfulness on myself daily too so that keeps me grounded and helps me to #justbe

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