A month of love #JustForYou

January has been a long, wet, hard month for many but spring is in the air now and it’s time for you to also spring back to the life you want.

We all need some time out and the best way to embrace that is to do something for yourself.  Already I can imagine a lot of you planning lovely surprises and treats for your loved ones this Valentines.  But I urge you to prioritise yourself first.  What better way to help others, show you love them, than to love yourself first.  Take control and fulfil your needs rather than waiting and hoping for someone else to do it for you.

February, the month of love, has finally arrived and what better way to start it off then by doing something #JustForYou   

Here are #JustForYou ideas for the month of love;

1. Take time for a quite, relaxing bath with your favourite blend of essential oils.
2. Sit quitely with a book or magazine, or just gaze out at the garden with your favourite hot beverage.
3. Meet up with your friends for a walk, movie or meal out.
4. Treat yourself to a manicure or pedicure.
5. Book your favourite treatment here at Just Be  #JustForYou.  Feel restored when you leave and you also get a treat to take home.

The more you practice self love the more you will feel happy, healthy and free to live the life you want.

Love & light


Just Be for Febuary!
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