Case study – release anger and restore peace with Reiki

So I work with alot of people who have have an illness, lost a loved one or a job and feel profound anger that they stuggle to rationalise.  They want to place blame somewhere but instead take the anger out on everyone without reason.  They feel frustrated at their feelings, thoughts and behaviour and generally don’t know how to release it.

Just this week I did a Reiki Treatment for a lady who has had cancer and come out the other end, and was signed off by the hospital about 2 months ago.  She started to explain that the hospital team ‘just said goodbye’ without any follow-up and she was worried the cancer might come back.  During the treatment whilst working on her throat chakra she started to cough and had to sit up and take a drink.  I explained it was the chakra clearing and that she needed to speak her truth.  Well, she did and the anger started to flow and she began to cry.  I continued the treatment and when on the sacral she laughed saying her tummy was going crazy.  Again, I explained this is where we hold anger and that it is ok to let it go.  I did a bit more probing only to find out she was not angry at the hospital or her treatment but with a friend who kept critising how the hospital pushed radiation and chemotherapy on her.  This poor lady made a decision about her treatment and was happy with her decisions and felt healthy and well again.  The hospital team were very supportive and helpful and had nothing bad to say about them.  But her friend can’t let it go. However, she did say she hadn’t realised how angry she was or why. She left feeling better and would speak to her friend about how she is now. We have a follow-up appointment in a couple of weeks to see how she’s getting on.

If you have emotions or thoughts you can’t rationalise maybe reiki can help you too?

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