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Yvonne Clarke is a Holistic Therapist based in Limerick. She helps and supports women to live a happy, healthy life using ancient holistic therapies that are proven to balance all body systems on a mental, physical and emotional level. Therapies include Foot & Face Refelxology, Reiki, Gua Sha Facial and Hopi Ear Candling.

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Just Be Blog – January 2016

Just Be Blog – January 2016

What’s been happening?

Happy New Year!!!Thought for the day

So it’s the start of another year and you are probably struggling already with getting back into a routine and starting on those resolutions or goals.  It’s all overwhelming but think about how you want to feel this year and match your resolutions or goals to those feelings.  To help, I will be posting a ‘Thought for the Day’ every day throughout 2016 on my Facebook Page.  Simply LIKE and SAVE on my facebook page to see the ‘Thought for the day’ daily throughout the year.  This is something I used to do when I lived in England and there would be a ‘Thought for the day’ every morning on BBC Radio 4 and I continued to practice it daily using sources like Doreen Virtue, Reiki, Meditation and Yoga.  It takes you away from your negative thoughts and focuses you on the important things in life and will even help you cope with those bad situations.  There is good in every day, so I hope to help you focus on the positive for 2016.

January Case Study – Childbirth

Did you know that reflexology and aromatherapy can help with childbirth.  Last year a lady wanted to have a natural birth and to go into labour on her own.  She had previously had a C-Section and wanted to experience a natural birth.  About a week before her due date she contacted me and we started with reflexology treatments.  We only did one treatment as she went into labour within 18 hours.  I had also given her an aromatherapy blend to help during childbirth which she used once her labour started.  Research shows that reflexology for childbirth will regulate breathing and improve deep breathing, release tension and pain, improve circulation and thereby help contractions and give energy for childbirth. An aromatherapy blend during labour will help to gently speed up contractions, create a calm and tranquil atmosphere and help keep you and the surrounding area free of bacteria.  Following the birth, the blend will associate the blend with love and comfort.  It will also help with milk production.  it also helps to relax Mum and prepare her for the birth mentally, physically and emotionally.  It reduces fear and thereby makes the whole experience of childbirth more fulfilling.  Don’t forget I offer the Just Be Baby Package which is also a lovely gift for a friend or family member.

January Top Tip

So if you are feeling a bit sluggish after the Christmas Break you need essential oil of Rosemary as it will boost mental activity helping to improve concentration and memory. It stimulates mental activity and is a good remedy for depression, mental fatigue and forgetfulness. Inhaling rosemary oil will lift your spirits immediately. Whenever your brain is tired, try inhaling a little rosemary oil to remove boredom and renew your mental energy. Other benefits include its ability to stimulate hair growth, boost mental activity, relieve respiratory problems and reduce pain.  Pour 1 drop on a tissue and inhale or burn the oil in a burner by pouring 3 drops in water on the burner.

CAUTION: Do not use Essential Oil of Rosemary if you are pregnant, suffer from high blood pressure or epileptic.

Just Be for 2016!

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