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Yvonne Clarke is a Holistic Therapist based in Limerick. She helps and supports women to live a happy, healthy life using ancient holistic therapies that are proven to balance all body systems on a mental, physical and emotional level. Therapies include Foot & Face Refelxology, Reiki, Gua Sha Facial and Hopi Ear Candling.

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Just Be May/June Blog

Just Be May/June Blog

Reiki Limerick

What’s been happening?

I just realised I didn’t do a May Blog so apologies.  It’s been a busy month I’m delighted to report and you may think forgetting the blog is a failing on my part but I believe the universe needed me to do other things this month that had a better purpose.  So if you have forgotten something or prioritised other activities, don’t feel a failure or guilty, it just wasn’t meant to be.  Stop punishing yourself for things that really don’t matter.

So what’s been happening?  In May I was accepted to be to be a volunteer holistic therapist with the team at the Cancer Support Centre based in the Mid West Cancer Foundation at University of Limerick.  All patients of oncology from Limerick, Clare and Tipperary but receiving treatment anywhere in Ireland are offered at least 6 treatments during and/or following their radiation or chemotherapy treatments.  This is what I am most passionate about when western medicine and natural therapies come together and support each other in a person’s overall well-being and I feel privileged  to now be part of the team.  I will be there every other Friday afternoon for a couple of hours.

Also, in late April I was thrilled to return to my previous employer, Campus Life Services at the University of Limerick, but this time as a therapist for their Health & Wellness Week.  I was welcomed back with open arms and delighted to see so many of my previous colleagues and some new faces too.  I did Indian Head Massage for the employees and the feedback has been amazing.  Thank you all so much for welcoming me back.

If you work for an organisation that cares about it’s employee health and wellness, I would love to hear from you.  For more details email yvonne@justbe.ie 

June Case Study – Mental Health

The 5 Reiki Principles

The 5 Reiki Principles

We all have to take care of our mental and emotional health as much as our physical health.  Yet for some reason people still feel they have no where to reach out to.  I work a lot with women who are very normal yet feel they are not happy.  This is a result of learned behaviour and not being their true self.  They will do anything to help others and don’t take care of themselves.  Their circumstances vary from relationship breakdowns to work related issues.  Reiki can help delete fear,  built confidence and support you in reaching your personal goals whilst also improving your overall well-being.  I have many ladies who have benefited from treatments so please if this is you, just book an appointment and I will help you with the rest.

June Top Tip

Finally, summer is here and I see a lot more smiles around.  However, the sun can bring on some nasty symptoms such as hay fever,  insect bites and sun burn.  So if you want to enjoy the sun here in Ireland or on a holiday abroad, you need these items.

  • PollennaNelsons Pollenna – a homeopathic allergy tablet that you can take as often as you need. Great for Hay Fever symptoms.  Available in Boots Chemists or Holland & Barrett.
  • Insect Bites – 2 of my favourites to have in the house for all the family –  Lavender and Tea Tree Essential Oils.  You can use both oils directly on the bite so don’t delay in mixing either with a carrier oil.  They both will reduce inflammation and take the sting out of the bite.  Also, they are both antiseptic so again will help avoid infection.
  • Sun Burn – whilst I believe you shouldn’t wear sun protection before 11am as sun cream blocks Vitamin D, some Irish skin is very sensitive and can burn easily.  Lavender Essential Oil is a great soother for sun burn and minor burns around the house such as the iron, cooker, BBQ, etc.  Again, you can pour it directly onto the burn area and will sooth the skin and your emotions.

I have in stock a wide selection of essential oils and can advise what is best for you and your family so get in touch yvonne@justbe.ie  or you can pick them up in your local Health Shop.

Just Be for June!

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