Mums to be and New Mums after lockdown

Mums to be and New Mums after lockdown

Have you become a new Mum during Covid-19 or perhaps you found out you are pregnant.  Both can be challenging at the best of times, but in recent months I’ve been very concerned that new Mums might feel isolated and not feel that the supports they need are available.

So, I have compiled my top list of tried and tested activities and services for expectant Mums or new Mums and their babies coming into the Autumn.  The main reason I picked these organisations, is the care they will provide but also the social outlet and connection to others is key.  Click on the title for access to their individual websites.

1. The Postnatal Coach – Sara is actually my cousin and she provides exercise classes specifically designed for new Mums whereby you can bring along your baby.  Sara also provides other valuable information and advice, shares recipes and much more than just an exercise class.  Sara’s classes take place in Delta Sports, Ballysimon.

2. The Bump Room – Ailish provides yoga and pilates classes to expectant Mums and again offers a wealth of advice and experience.  Ailish’s classes take place in Milford Community Hall, Castletroy..

3. Samana Baby Massage – Aisling is a fellow therapist, but unlike myself, Aisling is qualified in Baby Massage. A beautiful class again for Mums and babies.  Aisling’s classes take place in Ballyneety Golf Hub, Ballyneety.

4. Limerick Doula Services – Michelle is a new Mum to her 5th child so she knows a thing or two about labour and child birth and how to support you during your baby’s delivery.  Michelle also offers placenta encapsulation amongst other birthing services. I’ve known Michelle a couple of years now and Michelle came to me for Maternity Reflexology so we are on the same page when it comes to pregnancy and childbirth. 

Obviously, I’m still here for your individual treatments or advice but also feel the connection to others in your situation in these stange times is key.  So take that step to reconnect now…

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Enjoy A Fulfilling Daily Routine during Covid-19

Enjoy A Fulfilling Daily Routine during Covid-19

Fulfilment from a daily routine

So I hope you are all keeping well and apologies I haven’t been in touch for some time.  Like alot of you, the struggle is real at the moment.  As a family, we are going through an exceptionally tough time with my Mum.  Long story short, she’s been in and out of hospital and has decided on medical advise it’s time for a nursing home.  Of course we are devastated but know this is the safest and most comfortable option for my Mum going forward.  However, Nursing Homes are not taking any admissions at the moment due to the treat of Covid-19.  To add to this distress, we can’t visit her in hospital and don’t know how long this will go on for.  We are very concerned about her welfare as you can imagine even though we are doing all we can but feel so helpless.

Everyone you talk to at the moment has a story and there is lots of positivity too, with people caring for each other and finding new ways of staying connected via the internet.  However, ultimately we need to care for ourselves first and foremost.  It’s not always just about the kids or our aging parents.  We must have a purpose each day and that, simple as it sounds, comes down to having a daily fullfiling routine. 

So here are some suggestions for a daily routine to help you feel fulfilled if you’ve lost your way.  You decide the order but the basics are very important. 

  • Get up at the same time everyday
  • Exercise or go for a walk within the 2km guidelines.
  • Have a hearty breakfast and tidy the kitchen
  • Get washed and dressed for the day regardless of what the day holds
  • Make your bed and tidy your bedroom ready for a peaceful sleep tonight.
  • Call someone for a chat or if you have young kids, you might need to home school them.
  • Next do the things you have to do such as laundry, shopping, preparing meals, pay bills, or declutter.  Do the hardest job first and ease into lunchtime.
  • For the afternoon, do something you enjoy such as reading, drawing/painting, singing, dancing, gardening, jigsaw or crafts.  Whatever brings you joy.
  • Dinner/Tea time followed by a quick tidy up before chilling.
  • Socialise with friends/family on a video chat while enjoying a coffee or drink.
  • Watch TV or catch up on Movies or box sets.
  • Enjoy some personal care such as a bath, facial, manicure, pedicure, or meditate.  Meditainment are offering free app downloads on 
  • Go to bed at the same time every night.

I have found keeping a daily routine has helped me cope with the stress of my Mum.  To be fair, the weather has helped and we’ve made progress in the garden.  If you recall, the garden was one of my visulisations for 2020, the new patio is done, topsoil has arrived and the planting has commenced. Now to watch it grow, I’ll keep you posted on the progress.  

For now sending you all lots of love and light

I am so excited to introduce Baby Michael, a very, very welcomed new arrival in these stange times. Congratulations to Mum and Dad who have been waiting for you a long time and I know they are besotted with you.  

I love receiving all your messages, so please keep them coming and remember I’m here to support you too while the clinic is closed if you need anything. Call/text 0868968409.

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Coping with Anxiety

Coping with Anxiety

Coping with Anxiety

No matter who you are or where you live on the planet at the moment, we are all dealing with the Coronavirus.  I’m a ‘half glass full’ type of person and when chatting to my Mum the other day, I mentioned to her ‘you’ve been through worse, you were a child during the war’.  She replied, ‘No Yvonne, during the war we had food rationing, but we could socialise and we felt safe’.  This floored me because she was right, our safey is threatened at the present and we are seperated from our loved ones.  But only if we do not follow the strict advice we’ve been given by the government.  We have control over washing our hands and remaining 2 metrers apart.  Think about what you can control at the moment, and your thoughts are one thing you can definitely control.

However, that’s not to say that people aren’t feeling it and anxiety levels are up there, so I’ve decided to share some of my top tips for dealing with anxiety with you.

1. Find a quiet, comfy place to sit or lie down.  Play some quiet, relaxing music.
2. Breath in through your nose for 4 seconds
3. Hold for 4 seconds
4. Exhale through your mouth for 4 seconds
5. Hold for 4 seconds
6. Repeat at least 3 times.
7. Feel your heartbeat or pulse.  Really focus on it by counting the beats for about 30 seconds
8. Let go of any tension you are holding in your body, starting with your head, jaw, face, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, fingers, abdomen, back, digestive organs, hips, legs, feet, right down to you tippy toes.
9. Let go some more….
10. Let go even more… and just rest for a moment.

This exercise can last as long as you wish but try for at least 10 minutes x 3 times a day until you find your natural rhytm and what works for you.  Set yourself a daily plan of things to do in a safe way for you and your family.  Get outside in the garden, read that book you’ve always wanted to read, make a jigsaw (my current activity with my Mum), play games, sing, dance, cook…

And, last but not least, if you need to chat, call someone or give me a call/message on 0868968409.  Let’s stay connected!

Love & Light

#justbreathe #justbelieve #justbe

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How I manage my Mental and Emotional wellbeing

How I manage my Mental and Emotional wellbeing

Mental & Emotional Health

So October was Mental Health month and we all go through hard times and some of you will know I’ve had my share.  So how do I cope when the going gets though and practice how to #justbe?  Here are my top tips for coping:

1. Who Supports You  In a shocking or crisis moment in my life, I’ve learned that I need ‘my tribe’ for help and support.  I know my strenghts but more importantly I know when I’m vulnerable and when I need others. I learned a long time ago how important it is to ask for help. Yes, I am a strong person but even strong people can be vulnerable and need help.  You would help and support others in their time of need, so why not accept it from them too.  Choose 3 people in your life you trust to talk to and the rest will fall into place.  Sometimes this help might also be a professional.  Be it councelling, life coaching or going for treatments, decide what you need and do it. 

2. Take time to Heal  It’s ok to feel a bit down ocassionally but try to do things you love to help you heal.  I find gratitude in every day from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to bed.  Gradually, the bad feelings subside and the good feelings take over. 

3. Always be kind and caring and this starts with you If you’re kind and caring to yourself, you can be kind and caring to others.  Yes, even when I’m raging with anger, I try to find the kind and caring way of communicating how I feel.  That’s not to say I won’t feel anger, but expressing it in a loving way is far more productive.  Treats work too, like getting my hair done, shopping, or even booking a holiday, whatever being kind and caring to you is, do it!

4. Do your best  So I don’t feel like taking on the world everyday, but I do what I can.  Get up, and show up regardless of how hard it is.  Try to keep to your routine as best you can.  Do the little tasks you know will be rewarding and make you feel you have achieved something.  It’s ok to hit the pause button but do not stop.

5. Rest and Exercise.  Again, a hard one when you’re head is turning and you feel exhausted, but getting out for a walk or attending a class will get the endorphines popping and help clear your head. And sleep is the best medicine so again get plenty of rest, even if it means having a ‘duvet day’ in front of the TV.  If you are physically sick you take time, so why not do the same for your mental and emotional health. 

I hope my tips help you but if you would like some more help and support with you wellbeing get in touch or book now.  

#justbe #mindfulness #selfcare #mentalhealth #emotionalhealth 

Cuteness Alert!

Meet Baby Beauden, born 16th October 2019.  Mum Aimee did reflexology to help with SPD and got great relief but continued treatments right up until Beauden’s birth as she found she was more relaxed and slept really well.  Also, research shows that Reflexology benefits shorter labour, faster delivery and less pain relief required and Aimee’s story proves this.  Most women I work with go into natural labour around their due date.  So if you are expecting a new arrival be sure to book from week 30 of your pregnancy. 

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Don’t you just love a routine?

Don’t you just love a routine?

Don’t you just love routine?

So the autumn chill has kicked in, the kids are back to school or college, the nights are getting darker and yet there’s something very comforting about getting back to our routine.  Why?  Well here are my top 5 health benefits of having a routine to help motivate back to normality this autumn.

1. Helps Reduce Stress and Facilitate Relaxation
There will always be something in our lives that is beyond our control, and we need to accept that. However, there is so much that we can control, especially if we follow a routine. When we have and stick to a routine, it eliminates a lot of stress because we do not have to think and worry about what needs to get done. The act of ‘doing’ gives us a sense of control and helps us relax instead of fretting about the tasks at hand.
2. Frees Up Our Time
Contrary to what some people believe, following a routine of repetitive tasks actually provides us with more free time to do as we please. Not every aspect of our lives needs to be scheduled or incorporated into a daily routine. There is a time and place for leisure, relaxation, and ‘not-doing’, and a routine frees up the time for it. In fact, our routine makes us become better and more efficient at performing certain tasks. This means that we often spend less time completing the tasks listed in our routine via repetition.
3. Helps Us Achieve Our Goals
Our goals and aspirations are rarely, if ever, achieved all at once. Successful people accomplish their goals by doing the same things over and over again. An athlete gets good at his sport because he practices daily. An artist hones his craft through repetition. Developing and sticking to a routine that is in line with your goals is one of the surest ways to feel success.
4. Builds Self Confidence
When we follow a routine and stick with it, it helps build self confidence and gives us a sense of tremendous satisfaction and purpose. That provides us with the ‘fuel’ to continue our routine and reap the benefits associated with it. And a lack of self confidence is one of the main reasons people find it difficult to change their lives for the better.
5. Creates Structure in Our Lives
A daily routine provides structure and a logical sequence in our lives. It provides the framework within which we live our lives and conduct our daily activities. Soon we become familiar and comfortable with what we have to do each day. It allows us to experience a flow to our day.

There are many more benefits to having a routine but they all benefit our health and wellness.  So be proud of your routine and enjoy the many benefits if provides.

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When life gets you down…

When life gets you down…

When life gets you down…

So it’s November and I’m wondering how I got here as life has been a whilwind lately of emotions, change and learning how to adjust.  As you know from previous emails, in September my Mum had major surgery to remove her kidney with cancer and is now on dialysis for the rest of her life.  Whilst I was prepared in some way for the logistics of my Mum’s surgery and the changes that would entale, I was in no way prepared for the emotional trauma and stress myself and my family have gone through.  Yes I am strong and resilient thanks to my work and practice of Reiki and Mindfulness, but sometimes life just gets you down.

Self Care & Top Tips

In the mist of all this I did reach out to my very trusted friends and work colleagues. I also attended the National Women’s Enterprise Day, with Limerick Enterprise Office at Adare Manor in October and to say it was inspirational is an understatement.  All the speakers had compelling stories to tell about their lives and the stuggles they have overcome.  What struck me most however, was all the speakers gave ‘top tips’ and everyone of them had ‘self care’ as a priority.  With all that was going on I forgot to care for myself.  What was I thinking?  I live and breath to ‘Just Be’ and here I was worrying about everyone and everything before myself.

So I let go of the outcome and trusted that my Mum and all of us around her would cope and adjust to our new normal.  Yes there has been immense change but here we are now in November and all is well I’m delighed to say.

I’ve also observed some of you have been through similar truamtic feelings, especially those of you who have lost a loved one.  One regular visitor to my clinic, who recently lost her Mum, told me about the book ‘Bringing Dealth to Life’ by Patricia Scanlon, Dr. Mary Helen Hensley, Aidan Storey and Pamela Young.  It’s a beautiful book exploring life, death and the afterlife.  If you or someone you know if going through grief or an emotional challenge, I strongly recommend this book.

I guess the important lesson from all of this is to always continue self care, as that is what pulls you through the good and the not so good.  So if I can help you this November please book now or call call/text 0868968409 for an appointment.

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